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Ramadhan - Donation Campaign For Pakistan

From LUMSOC Welfare Department:

In this blissful months of Ramadhan, as we are feeling safe and happy in the comfort of having a perfect home for shelter, good foods to eat, and warm bed to sleep, let’s not forget others that are not as fortunate as us. Let them be thousand miles away from us, but please bring their heart close to us. I’m sure you have heard about the flood tragedy in Pakistan, and right now our brothers and sisters there are crying for our attention, for our help; so let’s lend a helping hand. We might not be able to help directly, or much, but remember, it’s your sincere heart that matters. Let’s make use of this precious Ramadhan to help the needed ones, and we, LUMSOC (Leeds University Malaysian Society), are here to provide you the platform.
If you want to help them by donating (amount does not matter), you’re more than welcomed to donate via our society, and the account details are as stated below:

Leeds University Malaysian Society  
Detail account:
Name: Ahmad Azree Md Yusof
Bank: Lloyds TSB
Sort Code: 30-65-22
Account no: 31930468
Reference: Pakistan Donation (name, Optional)

If you are wondering on how we are going to help passing the donation to the victims, for your information, we are donating via UNICEF UK online. For more information, you can click here.

Devastation in Pakistan. Children need immediate help.
Pakistan is facing a growing humanitarian crisis as worsening floods are affecting even more people than the Boxing Day Tsunami and Haiti earthquake combined. Millions of children have already lost their homes and have no food or clean water, making them vulnerable to malnutrition and waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea.
UNICEF is working on the ground to ensure that life-saving aid is getting through. This includes safe drinking water, medical supplies and vaccinations for children against measles and polio.
Every day the situation for children becomes increasingly critical. UNICEF is desperately appealing for funds to help cover the escalating needs of children affected.
Please donate now to UNICEF’s urgent emergency appeal to help save children in Pakistan.
£30 could immunise 30 children against deadly measles.
£50 could help provide 5 families with access to safe drinking water.

"Donation DEADLINE: 28 Ramadhan 1431H / 7th Sept of 2010"
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